SEO and Promotions

SEO – search engine optimization, aimed at increasing the qualitative traffic of a website.

This relatively new “industry” implies a set of operations performed by the promotion team in order to increase the ranking of a website in the search results, for specific search keywords or expressions that are interesting and relevant from a business perspective.

This takes place by controlling and improving the “ranking criteria”, i.e. factors that, taken as a whole – are analyzed by the search algorithm and contribute to better positioning in the result pages.

Subject to these criteria, SEO can be of two types:

  • Internal optimization (On-site optimization) – the promotional efforts are directly applied to the website in question. They depend, but more importantly – can only be influenced by the SEO team. For example: carefully writing the copy for titles and descriptions, eliminating errors, improving the loading speed, image processing, optimizing the structure of URL addresses and of internal links, using ads moderately, etc. Generally speaking – improving the visitors’ experience.

  • External optimization (Off-site optimization) – where promotion is not directly related to the SEO team, but rather the collective will of the Internet. This means that, based on the objective reality regarding the quality of a website – search engines always try to find measurable signals with regard to the relevance and importance of the candidate webpage in relation to the analyzed search expression. These signals refer to the quality, performance and popularity indicators. Examples may include: the number and quality of links that point to the analyzed page, number of social interactions (Facebook likes, shares, comments, Tweets, +1s etc.), context where mentions arise, the credibility and authority of sources, the global and local search volume for the respective keywords, etc.