Online Exam Application

We have developed online exam application, to help institution to run their own online test series.


Information is power in today's challenging business environment. That's why any accounting program you evaluate must have robust reporting and analysis capabilities. Besides helping users gain insight into crucial financial activities, reporting and analysis functions help companies conform to government and industry regulations.

Your business depends on its accounting software for its very existence. If data is lost or tampered with you stand to lose time, money, business secrets (such as sales or profit data) and, if the damage is severe enough, your company. Any vendor should be able to tell you about its software's built-in security features as well as how its product can mesh with your own on-site safeguards (such as anti-malware technology and network firewalls).

With hard work, and perhaps some luck, your business will be larger and more prosperous in the years ahead. Will your software be able to keep pace? Look for a product that accommodates, or can be easily upgraded to accommodate, a progressively larger number of users and a growing amount of financial data and transactions. Ask vendors about their programs' limits in these areas.

Chances are that no software will exactly match your business's needs. That's why you'll want to look for a product that allows the easy customisation of statements, forms, reports, screens, help systems and other program facets.

The admin UI is fully responsive. Meaning as screen sizes change, the layout resizes and reformats to provide the best possible user experience.

You are able to to add multiple currencies in your store, even in your checkout process. When you add more than one currency, a currency converter will be automatically activated.

The ability to support multiple languages, its a major development trend developed in the software for global distribution. Our basic and most important feature. You have the complete control over your chosen languages. Translate easily everything including the cart and checkout process.